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FCIA Demos NVMe Over Fabrics with Gen 6 Fibre Channel

| August 18, 2016 | Reply

Highlighting the adaptive architecture of Fibre Channel that according to market research firm Dell’Oro, has more than 46 million installed ports in operation in the world’s leading datacenters, the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) conducted its first public demonstration of NVM Express® (NVMe) over Fabrics using Fibre Channel last week at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California.

“Fibre Channel has been the most reliable and trusted high-speed storage network technology as proven by the more than 107 Million ports shipped into datacenters since its inception,” said Mark Jones, president and chairman of the board, FCIA, and director, Technical Marketing and Performance, Broadcom Limited. “Customers can now utilize their investments in Fibre Chanel to transport NVMe over Fibre Channel concurrently with existing SAN traffic while reducing storage latencies by as much as 55 percent.”

FCIA’s NVMe over Fibre Channel demonstration will showcase a number of proof points that illustrate why Fibre Channel is the right choice for transporting NVMe over Fabrics:

  • Fibre Channel Latency reduction of over 55 percent
  • Multi-Protocol storage area network (SAN) communication that eases data mobility between existing FC storage resources and NVMe over FC storage
  • Concurrent NVMe and SCSI traffic managed using existing Fibre Channel fabric resources
  • Tools to build the NVMe datacenter — NVMe over Fibre Channel traffic capture and NVMe decoding

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